img_1775Hello Foodie Lovers! 

My name is Heather and I am a stay at home mom with 3 beautiful kids! I have a 6 year old boy, a 5 year old girl and a 1 year old girl who keep me on my toes! I am with a man who I am so grateful to say that he is the love of my life and also plays a big part in my foodie dream of sharing my passion for experiencing new kinds of good food and provides a great support in continuing my deep love for cooking.  I thought that since I already love being in my kitchen cooking it up and more that it was a good time to start this blog to share my experiences, my recipes, fails/successes, tricks and my love for food with all of you!

So when I came up with ‘Foodievibe’ is when I would think about the two most important people in my life which would be my husband and my grandma peck.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago which I miss her everyday but she was the start of my love for cooking food in which she made it fun and exciting! She always wanted me to watch or help her with anything she would cook if I wasn’t outside playing because me and my sisters were at her house very often since she lived basically down the street from where we lived in Oregon. If i was outside playing, she always made me and my sisters a lunch we could take and eat it in the apple tree we would always climb up and play.  Most of the time, my grandmother wouldn’t measure unless it was a cake, pie or a recipe that needed exact measurements but she didn’t always follow the rules of img_1800measurements and did a lot of taste testing. She was such a joy to watch, sometimes i would sit and watch when she would have classical piano music playing or maybe some ‘Frank Sinatra’ which gave her good vibes when she was cooking. It was super entertaining when grandpa came around the corner dancing to the music and trying to taste test as well which was a huge no-no in grandmas kitchen! haha. She has been such a big impact and such a great role model in my life because its who I wanted to be when i grew up. Her love for cooking food and making sure everyone had full stomachs was one of her main goals. She cared about others more than herself. One thing you had to learn was that you could never said “No” to her when she offered to make you food! I know the main part of her teaching me the things she did, especially with cooking that she was trying to show me how to be a good person, a good wife, a good mother and much more. She was such an amazing and inspiring woman which I hope to live up to and I will forever be grateful for her amazing example as I try to apply in my life often as a person, wife and mother to my kids.

My husband is a true foodie and a huge believer in positive good vibes can make great things happen. He has had a big impact on my life with my passion for food which is exploring other kinds of good food. Which is exploring different cultures of food, new recipes, and trying new things I have never heard of or have never tried before. He has showimg_9582n me a even greater side of food that I never thought was even possible. I was that kind of girl that was pretty much deprived when it came to food because I would always get the same things when I would go out or cook the same things at home because thats where I felt comfortable. When it came to trying something new, I always would never dare to try it because I was worried that I wouldn’t like it or just became too stubborn to even think that maybe I would like it. The crazy thing is that I am not a picky eater because i love all foods! I was seriously TOO comfortable that i wouldn’t try new things, new recipes, new experiences and he has broken that silly deprived shell of mine which i am so thankful for because now I have tried so many new recipes, tried different kinds of food and i love it all! It definitely has awaken my true inner foodie and now I keep challenging myself even more! I am so excited to be able to share my recipes and my love for good food with you all!