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Creamy Avocado Toast

Want something light, yummy and easy to make? This recipe is just the thing for ya, especially if you love avocado! For me just only looking at this picture, makes my mouth water.  Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed in this recipe wether its a new foodie try out for you or you have had this kind of dish before! Its a definite must try kind of recipe! Enjoy!

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My Artichoke Dip


This is one of my favorite appetizers which everyone who has a get together we are invited to, has made the request that i bring my yummy chunky artichoke dip! 🙂 its also easy and so delicious! I know you won’t be disappointed in this appetizer, especially if you love real chunks of artichoke hearts in it! MM! my goodness! Continue reading

Mini Caprese Bites


These mini caprese bites are such an easy recipe to make which is the miniature recipe compared to the actual caprese salad recipe you will see out there. Its nice to have a mini size so you just grab a toothpick and take a bite of pure joy and flavors that you will just love! Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Dates


Ohhhh MY gosh, as my 5 year old daughter would say, everyone has been asking about this appetizer that i have made for a few events and get togethers i have gone to and brought this appetizer. It seriously is the most DELICIOUS and most EASY appetizer to make which doesn’t take a lot of time to prep and its done baking in 30 mins! But i promise that no one will be disappointed in this dish and that it will hit anyones inner foodie soul instantly!   Continue reading

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