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Cuban Slow Cooked Pork


This is an amazing and tender pork dish that will make you drool just thinking about it, so you must try it out at least once! I know once you see the ingredients, some of you might think they don’t go well together but they do! This dish will become a favorite of yours like it has for me! Cant wait to make it again!  Continue reading

Homemade Beef Stroganoff


This main dish is probably one of my top 5 dishes to make! I use some good chunky steak pieces instead of ground beef some people use in their recipes. The amazing flavors you instantly taste from the seasonings, thick country style egg noodles cooked just right, thick and delicious sauce, and chunky cut seasoned steak… OH MY! You are in for a treat with this dish that I know you, your friends and your family will LOVE! let me know what you think of this dish or anything you want to add! I would love to hear about it! Continue reading

Blackened Fish Tacos


This was my first time trying and making fish tacos, i know! crazy right? Well let me tell you, these were the best ones! I’m sure there are plenty of great blackened taco recipes out there but WOW! For my first time with this dish, i was taken back by how delicious these fish tacos were and the cilantro lime sauce was the prime part in making this dish a success!  Continue reading

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