Hello Foodie Lovers!


Here are some questions I have been asked, so I thought It would be fun to add them on Foodievibe ‘FAQ’ to share with all of you which might help, find useful or just to get to know me better!


Q: Why did you come up with the name Foodievibe? 

A:  Well i am all about vibes! GOOD VIBES! but of course there are all sorts of vibes out there. But i love food! REAL GOOD FOOD! 🙂 so it took me a while to kinda figure out what would be the best name that would fit me and the message I’m trying to point out that would fit my style, so thats when i put both of the things i love together and created ‘FoodieVibe”

Q:  What made you start a foodie blog? 

A:  This will be my first blog experience and so far its been really fun to make something thats my own and do it how i want to do it! My favorite thing to do is cook, i like to challenge myself and try new things. I have realized that it would be so much fun to share that with all of you! Of course I’m not perfect but to be able to show you all my deep love for cooking food and how much fun it could be even if some of you don’t like cooking or had foodie fails like i have and many others. I just hope to maybe help or inspire some to love it just as much as i do! 🙂

Q: What is the one thing you mostly do before you start cooking it up in the kitchen? 

A: I love good vibes in the kitchen so when i start up my favorite music and start jamming out, its almost instant good vibes when i start cooking. It makes the whole experience great when you start cooking it up! Anything that gets you in a great mood before you start cooking is going to help you make a great dish and put happy faces on those trying out your dishes!

QWhat is your most and least favorite dish to cook? 

A: oh boy, I’m not a master in the fish department so i would have to say my least favorite to cook is fish! haha! i love to eat fish dishes but it seems to be a challenge at times cooking it right which I’ve had fails in that category! My most favorite dish to make would be balsamic glazed pork! its easy and very flavorful to make because its slow cooked in the crock pot.

Q: How do you find time to do be a cook, wifey, mommy, homemaker and a blogger?! 

A: You know, sometimes i don’t even know most the time but i do it for my family and thats something you can’t really explain. I have been good at multi-tasking and almost have a routine of doing things in order but isn’t successful all the time. i do the best that i can but i have to feed my family as well so i add my cooking to my Foodievibe but mostly take the time after everyone has gone to bed and i have my ‘QUIET’ time when i start putting things together with my blog!

QDo you try every dish you cook? 

A: of course i do! you got to try out your cooking! even the ones that you fail in to improve on what was missing or what needs to be added! very important to know all of your dishes!

Q:  What cooking appliance would you say is your best friend in the kitchen? 

A: I would have to say my best friend appliance in my kitchen right now would have to be my crock pot! i know a lot of cookers out there think the same where you can put a bunch of great ingredients together and let it cook most the day while you do the other things you need to do during the day, then finish the product just in time for dinner or whatever the occasion may be! 🙂

Q: How does cooking make you feel? 

A: It makes me feel alive! it puts me in a place of peace and love! truly! i love the fact that i put happy faces on those who try my dishes, mostly my family. Which it gives me great joy that i can please those by just filling them up with great food and enjoy it with great company!

Q: If you could have one cooking superpower, what would it be? (Just for fun!) 

A: I thought this question was fun and i definitely would want my superpower to be “Cutting eyes” where you look at the ingredient you want to cut and it would cut itself for you! haha! 🙂 there you go!


If you have any questions that you would like to ask then please feel free to email me anytime and I would love to answer them for you! 

I will be changing up the questions now and then when they come through, so just watch out! You might just see your question on Foodievibe.com! 🙂 

Email: Foodievibe@gmail.com 

Cant wait to hear from you!